[Performance] Lynette Quek: re: -act


Join artist Lynette Quek as she activates the space of her installation re: -act in a live art jamming session with collaborator and dancer Kuek Yi Xuan that combines light, music, and performance into one phantasmagoric experience.

Works are conceived through spontaneous thinking.
The want and urge to create.
The need to touch and make.

Creating happens through intuition.
Taking in and letting go when it happens.
Changing course if needed.

Exploring occurs whenever.
Engaging happens wherever.
Walking helps.

re: -act is an installation work that transforms into a performative piece. Repurposing the overhead project (OHP), a series of responses are generated to situate obsolescence within modernity through the usage of objects and movements. Forming an audiovisual loop within the OHP station, the piece extends out into the space, punctuated by occasional performance improvisations.

About the Exhibition

An exploration of the entanglements between reality, representation, and discourse, facilitated by the moving image, ON/OFF/SCREEN situates the screen, the ubiquitous and contemporary mode of communication and transmission, as both a site of inquiry and departure.

Contemplating the porosity and possibilities of an expanded cinematic practice in contemporary image-making, this exhibition features works from artists whose inter-disciplinary practices blur the formal and conceptual boundaries between performance, new media, and the moving image.

The eight featured artists are Piyarat Piyapongwiwat, Salty Xi Jie Ng, Lynette Quek, ila, Ashley Hi, Huijun Lu, Farizi Noorfauzi, and Jevon Chandra.

ON/OFF/SCREEN is curated by the Moving Picture Experiment Group (MPEG), an experimental art and curatorial collective comprising Adar Ng, Alfonse Chiu and Dave Lim.

Sun Feb 7, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM SGT
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Performance Admission FULL
Venue Address
120A Prinsep Street Singapore

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